Our Chat Rooms have been around since 1996 when the first chats for Kerala were created on America OnLine. These chat's evolved from India Chat in 1998 to the current Chat Rooms. In 2001 Kerala Voice Chat was created on the World Wide Web by web designer Biju, who placed the first voice chat for Kerala on the web. These voice chat rooms ran under the hear me voice chat software which eventually went out of business during the tech market crash. Optecs Voice Chats were later started on Kerala Voice Café until they also went out of business due to the rough economy. We are currently running VOICE AND VIDEO chats rooms on all our chat sites. Our secure network of chats will allow you to chat without having to worry about unwanted pop-ups, trojan programs, and other issues so you can have a wonderful chat experience.

A word from owner and creator:

This site was created with a lot of hard work and effort for mainly the younger generation back in 1999. I created this site unlike any other site with the regard to give the users of my site freedom of speech and to enjoy themselves without any form of limitations on their freedom. There are many chats and social sites on the web where you have individuals act as ADMINS who ban people of the site because they expressed their opinion which I totally disagree with. There are many things that none of you will find out about the creation of MyIndiacafe.com or its creator. This site is not like any other site on the web because it was put together with sweat and blood. This site was meant for all those Indian's from all over the world who lost touch with their native country to get in touch with their past. Some of us non resident Indians (NRI) never belong anywhere due to the circumstances we ended up with in this life. We are not truly part of India and we don't fit in the country (USA)(UK)(Dubai)(Germany) etc... we were raised in. This is because our concepts of family and life are very different from our origin and current status. I hope this site will bring people from India together to communicate and enjoy each other's company.

 I know some of you trouble makers like myself in the past will cause trouble in the chat. I have always refrained from creating monitored chats because it limits freedom of the human expression which should never be tolerated anywhere in this world. I ask individuals to refrain from extreme abuses so you don't hurt the innocent who are also visitors of our chat room. I know many of the users of the site have complained to me about abusive languages, and other issues. I have resolved some of these issues but some individuals come to this site to express their frustrations in life. Please understand them and give them a chance. If you cannot tolerate their abuses please use the ignore function to block such issues. I know there are many adults who use this chat and I understand your frustrations but think of yourself in their shoes. We were all their age once and we were neither perfect or God's gift to the world. Let the children enjoy and hope that future generations will be even better than what we were. There is a time for everyone in this world and we do not know when our time will come so please use this site as it is your own personal home. We have many people who met on this site who even ended up starting families together and are living happily. I hope and pray this site will continue to run even past my time.

Thank you for all your support for the site during the past 20 years. Our primary effort is to bring together the people of India in one place on the web where they can meet and communicate with each other so they can reconnect with their heritage.























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